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Tufo Prokject

Cheese lovers from the beginning. From almost 2 years we have started the project of producing quality cheeses, using the best products of the territory .
After having experimented and carried out a careful selection of the best milk productions from sheep, cow and goat of the companies of the province of Ancona, the idea has become reality. The initial production were simple but the desire to experiment increased, and the attendance of several dairy farms in the Marche has helped us to grow.
This route has helped us to select the products that best enhance the territory , the ingredients and our creativity: all the cheeses are made exclusively with raw milk and they differ as well as for the type of milk also for processing and aging .

The processes are different and are based on seasonality:
Ricotta (from cow, sheep and goat)
Fresh Cheeses and Semi-seasoned (Pecorino and Caciotta)
Porchetta cheeses (flavored with wild fennel and wild herbs) (Pecorino and Caciotta)
Acid-curd Cheeses (Caprini)
Grana-Style (cow’s milk cheese)
Stracchino (soft cheese using sheep and cattle milk)
Blue Cheese (cow’s and sheep’s milk cheeses)

Experimentation is also played in the aging typology:
Tanning , or aging in oil (with various smells and spices such as peppercorns, onions, laurel, thyme …) in glass or terracotta
Under wild sour cherries (in collaboration with the company “Scacciapensieri” of San Paolo di Jesi)
In cave in the suggestive subsoil of the country of Camerano , perfect for temperature and humidity conditions

The Tasting

The tasting of cheeses in the menu contains only products of our production according to the seasonal availability : it is very likely that from week to week the types of cheese present as well as jams vary.
However we try to propose a complete itinerary for all types of milk, processing and aging. Therefore, they will always be products more fresh (ricotta, slightly seasoned cheeses or goats), flavored products (porchettato or under wild sour cherries) and < strong> longer aged cheeses
(tanned or grotto).

The Course

The course that you were all waiting for! The revolutionary, transgressive, hypercreative course. The course that we are almost certain you have never done before. It starts from raw material, raw milk, to form the curd and then create the own caciotta.

The course lasts 3 hours and includes:

– the booklet with the historical outline on milk, on cheese chemistry
– the plastic fuscella that you will need to make cheese
– the caciotta that you did during the course (which you can enjoy with your family or season with the concepts learned during the course)
– all the necessary information to be able to redo the cheese at home by yourself

For info and reservations:
Tel. 3406869015
Samuele Paccioni

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