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Ancitnt farmhouse of the of the early nineteenth century, completely renovated in full respect of its original features. The farmhouse is now active as Country Relais with innovative cooking that bases and originates from Marche culinary roots.
Surrounded by a fascinating hilly landscape, from its park you can enjoy the sight of six adjacent villages: Camerano, Osimo, Castelfidardo, Loreto, Recanati and Porto Recanati and, on clear days, also the Apennine mountains.


Ristorante il Girasole - Riviera del Conero Marche

Our Cuisine

The philosophy

The tradition of our Marches cuisine goes along us in life with unforgettable flavors and aromas.
These sensations we want to retrace with you, in a gastronomic itinerary where tradition is accompanied by a pinch of creativity.

Menu Carne Camerano Ristorante il Girasole

Menu based on the ingredients and dishes of the Marche countryside tradition:

  La Crescia (focaccia bread), il Ciauscolo (spreadabile salami), il Lonzino (seasoned Pork loin)

  Duck, Rabbit and Wild Boar Ragu

 Tripe cooked with typical recipe of Ancona

  Rabbit cooked in Porchetta(with pepper and wild herbs)

  The roasts and the fride meat and olives

Menu Pesce Camerano Ristorante il Girasole

We tried to condense the huge variety of seafood products of the culture of Ancona:

  The Moscioli (mussels from Riviere del Conero sea)

  Raguse (purple dye murex), Crocette (pelican’s foot), Bombetti (sea snail)

 Baccalà (the Cod)

  Sardoncini (pilchard), Canocchie (mantis shrimp )

  Fish Soup

Pizza Pizzeria Camerano Ristorante il Girasole

For a complete offer we could not have a space dedicated to Pizza and Bakery:

  Pizzas with at least 24h leavening

  White bread and with cereals flour

 Breadsticks and fried Crescia

  Traditional Crescia (with crackling)

Our Cheese

The production

Cheese lovers from the beginning. For almost two years we have started the project of producing quality cheeses, using the best products in the area.

Tufo Project

The idea was born from the union of the strengths and know-how of Marco Fondi and of Samuele Paccioni, chef and owner of the Restaurant Il Girasole .
After having experimented and carried out a careful selection of the best productions of sheep, cow and goat milk from farms in the province of Ancona, the idea became reality.
The production goes from fresh cow cheese, fresh and seasoned Pecorino, sheep cheese in Porchetta, Tanned and under cherry, fresh and seasoned goat cheese, Natural Herborin …
Some of the selections refine in the Grotto/Caverns in the suggestive subsoil of Camerano, perfect for temperature and humidity conditions.

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